Sunday, January 9, 2011

South Carolina's New List Of Businesses I Will Not Visit

Oh South Carolina, you never cease to amaze me with your pointless religious idiocy. We have found a couple of rubes from York County who want to start a Chamber of Commerce. What’s that you say; York County, SC already has a chamber of commerce? Oh, I forgot to mention that this would be a Christian Chamber of Commerce.
As proposed, the Christian Chamber of Commerce would have many of the benefits secular chambers offer: marketing assistance, mentoring, networking and educating business owners through speakers and seminars.

What would be different is the accountability and encouragement that comes from a community of believers, he said.

"As a business owner, if you have a problem, you have to make it happen," Barry said. But with a Christian-centered business, your concerns are directed to God. "If God wants it to happen, he will pull it together," Barry said
I didn’t know God was in the business of business. Is he going to bail out businesses that are failing, or is it one of those “if you fail, it’s gawds will”? If it is the former, then maybe God can do something about the unemployment rate. If it is the later, then WHAT FUCKING USE IS IT?

If nothing else, this will be a list of businesses for me not to visit. Thanks for making it easy, South Carolina.


  1. hahaha, I thought that the Christian chamber of commerce is called Church? Isn't that where these idiots go to phone home?

  2. I bet that they will charge the companies to join as well. Perfect money making scheme.