Monday, January 3, 2011

Bill James Is A Homophobic Douchebag

For those of you who were wondering, hate is still alive and well in North Carolina.
Anti-gay, Republican Mecklenburg County Commissioner Bill James on Monday said gays are “sexual predators” in an email to his colleagues on the board.

James’ remarks were made in response to County Commissioner Chair Jennifer Roberts’ request to send a letter thanking some members of the Charlotte-area congressional delegation for their “yes” votes on “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” (DADT) repeal this month. Roberts was to send the letter to U.S. Reps. Larry Kissell and Mel Watt and U.S. Sens. Richard Burr and Kay Hagan. President Barack Obama last week signed the repeal act into law.
This guy is beyond repulsive, and I am not just talking about his resemblance to a hybrid of the guy from Mask and Porky Pig. So to get the personal attacks out of the way, No, Bill James. There isn’t one guy on the planet that would fuck you. I am not sure there is one woman on the planet that would fuck you, and we all know how notorious women are for having bad taste in men. You are like a bag of smashed assholes that has been mixed with a bucket of dicks and a quart of bullshit. What a hideous cake you would make. Moving on.
“Homosexuals are sexual predators,” James wrote in one email from a string of several between county board members, Roberts and County Manager Harry Jones, and provided by James to qnotes. “Allowing homosexuals to serve in the US military with the endorsement of the Mecklenburg County Commission ignores a host of serious problems related to maintaining US military readiness and effectiveness not the least of which is the current Democrat plan to allow homosexuals (male and female) to share showers with those they are attracted to.”
OK, from the comments you can guess that this philistine has never served in the military. Had he served in the military, he would know that there have always been gay people in the military. The military is one of the gayest organizations I have ever been involved with. Men are showering with other men as we speak and not engaging in a rape fest. The repeal of DADT is going to go ahead with or without the OK of the Mecklenburg County Commission. I think one of the serious problems with the military is assholes like Bill James acting like they know anything about the military.

Want some more info about the character of Bill James?
James’ anti-gay comments following the Christmas holiday are not the first time the public official has spoken out strongly on LGBT issues. He often uses derogatory language or slurs to describe LGBT people in debates or communication with fellow public officials and constituents. During debate last December on domestic partner benefits for county employees, James leaned over to his Democratic colleague, Vilma Leake, and called her son a “homo.” Leake’s son died from AIDS in the 1990s.
I can only guess that the good people of District 6 are as hate filled and backwards as Bill James because they keep voting this guy into office. Maybe I should start taking bets on how long before we find Bill James balls-deep in some male prostitutes ass.

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