Monday, January 10, 2011

Pour Some Sugar-Saturated Blood On Me

I thought the disgusting act of symbolic cannibalism was as far as Christians went in their clinically insane actions, now they want to be covered in blood. Not only do they want a big ole’ bucket of Jesus’ blood poured over their naked bodies, they want to advertise that fact on their cars with these wonderful car magnets.
The messages will be displayed on two (2) different car magnet shapes. Interested ones will, also, have three (3) messages to choose from. They can choose: 'Covered With The Blood Of Jesus!' and/or 'I Am Covered By The Blood Of Jesus!' and/or 'Trust God, Not Man!'
What in the hell kind of point are they trying to make with this? I guess that they are savage cannibals that want to have blood dumped all over them. I wonder if they all take their clothes off and have a “Jesus Orgy” while guys in robes pour blood over them. Does anyone else think this sounds like any other random ritualistic cult?

Please Christians, tell me if this is what you want to look like?

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