Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Democrats Are Gutless

I hope everyone has heard about the recent flap over a racist USDA official who was fired by the Obama Administration because of her racist comments coming out of her racist mouth that were taped and aired on Fox News. This racist was being racist against a white farmer in her racist position at the Federation of Cooperative/Land Assistance Fund. Way to go, Fox News! Take that racist woman down like you took down that racist/pedophilic/whorish organization ACORN.

Wait for it.

The video that supposedly showed how racist this racist lady is was… EDITED TO MAKE HER LOOK RACIST. Who could have seen that coming? This is a pattern with Republicans/Teabaggers: if you can’t find evidence of wrong-doing, just make the shit up. Take a video of someone and then edit it to make them look like a pedophile, a pimp, or a racist. Seriously, we should have all seen this coming and expected no less from the likes of Andrew Breitbart.

The lying liars in the GOP/Teabag party don’t really piss me off that much, as I expect to see stuff like this from them. What pisses me off is the cowardice of the Obama Administration. See, before this tape really even hit the media, Shirley Sharrod was asked to resign from her position at the USDA. The Administration actually asked her if she could text her resignation in since she was traveling when this all went down. Shortly after, the NAACP condemned Shirley Sharrod for her racially racist acts and comments. All the GOP/Teabag party had to do was mention what they were about to do and the Administration rolled over like Old Yeller.

Why would they have taken the time to investigate when they could just cave in to an edited video? That sounds like a lot of work! Besides, Andrew Breitbart had already done the investigating, so… mission complete? Why do the democrats continually believe anything that the right-wing says? This whole event is an example of the democrats as a whole: never back any of your own people up and bow down to the republicans every chance you get. I am afraid that it is quite clear: the Democrats are completely under the control of Fox News and the Republican Party. It’s the same old song and dance. The Democrats folded under pressure about the public option and gave way to much power to the health insurance industry. They caved in when it came to “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell”. They caved in when it came to financial reform. All of this because Fox News and the GOP/BallGagger’s said they were socialists.

Let me tell you right now: I am a socialist and I wish we had a socialist government. However, I would settle for an administration that had the people’s interests in mind and a president that wasn’t a fucking ball-less bitch.

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  1. Let me tell you right now: I am a socialist and I wish we had a socialist government.

    Amen, brother.

    Why are so many Americans so deathly afraid of saying something that simple? Heck, most of them wouldn't even have a clue what "socialism" means, or its history and achievements, some of which we take for granted today (the weekend, anyone? paid vacations? and so on).

    Pure ignorance is what sustains the whole "socialism-is-evil" bullshit.