Saturday, July 10, 2010

North Carolina Legislature Wastes Time On Prayer

History repeating itself is boring. A pastor who had honorary chaplain duties for the North Carolina House of Representatives was relieved of his dutieswhen he refused to take the name of Jesus out of the end of his invocation.

"I was made to feel like a second class North Carolinian when I was told that my services would no longer be needed if I could not offer the opening prayer in the manner prescribed by the House of Representatives, rather than in the manner my Biblical faith requires," said Pastor Ron Baity.

Waa, waa, waaaaaaaaaaaa! I know that being a pastor in North Carolina must be a horrible thing what with all of the religious people here. However, the problem I have with this whole story is not that this pastor wanted to pray to Jesus, it is that the NC Legislature is wasting time on prayer!

Why does the Legislature need to pray before getting down to business? Why can't these pious politicians pray before they show up to the meeting? I would prefer that the business of the state be taken care of with as little ancient mysticism as possible. Imagine if someone sacrificed a lamb on the steps of the House before every meeting. It would be a disgusting display and a waste of time that would have no bearing on the business of the State.

Just like prayer.

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