Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Only A Matter Of Time

Professional crazy man Mel Gibson is trying to show remorse for his crazy, racist, womanizing ways by throwing himself back in to his crazy, racist, womanizing church.
"Mel Gibson built the church in 2003 and its daily mass follows the actor’s “traditionalist views.” According to reports, mass is performed in Latin and women must wear head coverings.”
This sounds a lot like Islam, just in a different language. This is a pattern that we see a lot with public figures like Tiger Woods throwing himself back into Buddhism or any of the multitude of political figures who have sex with men, then throw themselves back into church.

I am waiting for an atheist to get caught doing something just to have him/her say “Yeah, now I am going to fully devote myself to atheism.”

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  1. Wow, Will, one of your shortest post...but then it is about Mel Gibson and there is just not that much to say. "Crazy Racist" sums it all up.