Monday, July 12, 2010

One Nation Under Bigotry

The Virginia Christian Alliance, which sounds like an Idaho white supremacist group, has released an article about how we are one nation under god. The subheading of this pile of dung says it all.

“Refuting foreign cultures, legal precedents, languages and religions in opposition to Christianity.”

Well, at least they aren't beating around the bush about it. So if you are someone who is not Christian, then off with your head. Unsurprising in this time of religious fundamentalism. They want to overturn legal precedent, and the Constitution for that matter, to suit their view of what the law should be. Are they going to take on a Hasidic form of law? Are they going to stop mixing the fabrics that they wear? I would be interested to know.

But what in the hell are they talking about when they say “languages in opposition to Christianity”? Would that be anything other than Hebrew? What about Aramaic? Greek? Oh, That's right. Obviously the language of good Christians is English. Jesus was white and the Jews, those dirty, dirty Jews, killed Jesus. I wonder if Mel Gibson is a member of this group.

Check out the introduction:

While, in this day and age, it is difficult to see the United States as a nation under God, it was once commonplace for politicians to consult their Bibles,

I don't think there is a politician in congress right now (other than Pete Stark) that doesn't at least feign a consultation of the Bible. To be a politician, you have to cater to the lowest common denominator, so of course they still shake their Bibles in the air every time they are asked about how they are going to vote on a particular issue. I am surprised that Eric Cantor hasn't renounced Judaism to placate the Virginia Christian Alliance.

for children to pray openly in schools,

Who has stopped anyone from praying openly in school? The last time I checked, the only stipulation was that the teacher cannot lead the class in prayer. If some kid wants to shout at the sky before the day starts, who is stopping him? No one!

for the Bible to be taught in public schools,

I have no problem with the Bible being taught in public school.. I had to (re) read the Bible in 12th grade English class along with a few other works of mythology, which is how it was taught. Have at it. Taught as fact? Never.

and for the court system to reference the Bible for guidance.

I am pretty glad that the court doesn't rule with the Bible, otherwise this country would look a lot like Saudi Arabia. Which parts of the Bible should we use for reference when it comes to law? We can start with no eating shellfish, pork, and cross-pollinated plants. Then, we can take womens rights away and reinstitute slavery. I don't think the VCA would have a problem with that part.

I love how most of these theocratic groups harken back to the “good 'ol days” before the 60's when those dirty liberals destroyed the nation. Don't believe me? Well, I'll let them tell you.

These times have passed. The 1960s brought rampant change to American society, and years since have struck even heavier blows to our nation's Christian heritage. Something integral to our nation has been lost, and it must be found again if America is to endure as its founders envisioned.

Oh, the terrible rampant change in America, like civil rights. Oh, the horror! Why did those liberals have to treat black folks like they were people? Who said women should have the same rights as men? Why can't we continue fighting wars that would otherwise have no end (Oh, wait. Even the “liberals” caved on that one a la Afghanistan & Iraq).

I am not going to make it to the “substance”of this piece of garbage. It's the same old crap about how George Washington was really a fundamentalist preacher from Jesus' side and Thomas Jefferson was a devout Christian who didn't mean what he wrote about the “wall of separation”. There is also some crap in there about liberals trying to make the US fall under international law. Enjoy reading that.

Whenever I am asked why I oppose religious groups running the nation, I have mountains of material to point to of why it would constitute an epic fail. I guess I can stick this right near the top.

Update: After checking out the VCA website, I found a treasure trove of bat-shit insanity.

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  1. That's frightening.

    As you said, it's good that the courts don't rule out of the Bible. We'd be making circles around people and throwing stones at them.

    That sounds silly, until you an accurate depiction of a stoning. Then you realize how harrowing some punishments from ancient texts truly are.