Thursday, July 15, 2010

Packin' Heat For Jesus

Bobby Jindal (R, Old West) has pushed forward a bill that would allow the good people of Louisiana to carry guns... to church. Why? I don't know, and no one else can seem to give a good answer.

The thought of a gunfight breaking out in the middle of a sermon makes me laugh and also frightens the hell out of me. Imagine one of those really good preachers, you know, the ones who say things like “Someone should kill atheists” or “Someone should kill Muslims” or “Someone should kill liberals.” Can anyone else see where this is going? Maybe I am just overreacting.

Then again, maybe not. Pastor Welton Gaddy also has a problem with the law (I know!). He raises some very interesting points such as

Frankly, despite frequently infusing his civic rhetoric with the language of faith, Jindal, like others, shows a surprising lack of knowledge about the essence of faith and priorities of faithfullness. Why would civic leaders not want one of the last institutions devoted to peace-making to continue that important work in a society addicted to violence and fascinated by guns? Of course, anytime government becomes involved in religion, we should expect distortions and problems that can compromise its integrity. The founders of our nation knew the reality of that development well and sought to prevent it. It’s a crying shame that contemporary leaders have either forgotten or chosen to ignore it.

This is a pastor that I can work with. It sounds like he wants the church to remain separate from government. What a coincidence! So do I! We need more people in the religious community to stand up to, frankly, idiotic laws and idiotic governors.

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  1. You need to carry guns to church so you can shoot doctors who provide abortions, in front of their friends and family. Duh!