Thursday, July 15, 2010

Islam Killed This Man

In what can only be described as a heart-breaking case, a Maldivian man named Ismail Mohamed Didi committed suicide on Tuesday by hanging himself from a Male` Air Traffic Control Tower in The Maldives. The reason is because he was bullied for being an atheist.

Didi had attempted to gain asylum in the UK because he feared for his life. See, in a Muslim country, atheists aren't tolerated. Of course, some people had a problem with this, but not for the reasons you would think most sane people would have.

“This is an issue that a Muslim government should consider,” the website said. “Because when these types of people die, they are buried in the same [cemetery] where Muslims are buried. Their funeral prayers and body washing are also conducted as for Muslims. It is questionable as to whether this is allowed according to Islam.”

Instead of being concerned with people who are “apostates” being treated like crap, threatened, bullied, and killed, these people (and I do use that term loosely) are concerned with him being buried with Muslims.

That's not all! When the ATC company that Didi worked for found out he was an atheist (he inadvertently came out at work), they referred the case to the Ministry of Islamic Affairs. Of course, they found that he wasn't spreading an atheistic message and a representative of the ATC company said no one had ever said anything bad to or about Didi.

The religion of peace in action once again. I am sure he wasn't mistreated. Those death threats and the harassment that Didi spoke of in his letter to an international humanitarian organization were just figments of his imagination that drove him to suicide.

If you decide to read the entire article, I would recommend staying away from the comments, as their stupidity and monstrous nature will make your brain bleed.

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