Thursday, July 15, 2010

A Glimpse At Hell

I found this great description of what Hell is going to be like. The all loving, all powerful god of the Bible has a place for people like you and I, the non-believers (also included in this title are Muslims, Jews, Hindus, Nazis, Communists, Dogs, Cats, Babies, and Unicorns). It's going to be terrible.
Every creepy, crawly thing one hates in this life — snakes, spiders, centipedes, etc. — will be knee deep. The veins in your body will feel like liquid fire. Whatever you liked to do in life instead of seeking God, such as dancing, car racing, bull riding, etc. you will have to continue doing for a few trillion years, even though you are dead tired.
Lovely image, but how does this person know any of what he is saying? Does someone have video of this that I am not aware of? I find it slightly more frightening that the image of hell that this guy paints is something he has actually sat around and actively thought of.

What until I tell this guy what Darvogan is like, which is a place that I just made up but has the same validity as Hell.

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