Monday, July 5, 2010

Why People Laugh At Creationists

No one has ever been able to put it better than Thunderf00t. Enjoy, if you haven't seen it already.


  1. Funny :)

    That kid has what I like to call an unfortunate case of doucheface. See also: Matthew Continetti.

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  3. These people can only convince people who are more ignorant of science than they are. Sadly, that's a lot of the people in this country.

    But they throw in some made up facts, assume that nobody is going to do any fact checking or math and smugly act as if they've driven the last nail in the coffin of scientific thought.

    The one thing they all overlook and I can't overemphasize is that even if they disprove every shred of evidence for the modern view of the universe, they haven't made any valid proof of theirs. Sorry, kids, but you don't win by default.

    But they can't invalidate modern science because it takes modern science to do that. They lack the tools. It's like trying to carve away the rock of Gilbraltar with a spork.