Wednesday, July 28, 2010

You Can't Wear That Here

Have you ever talked to a religious person and had them look at you like you are crazy when you tell them that all religions are the same? Me too. I usually tell them that they are all wrapped up in crazy with fundamentalist nonsense and the same rules universally apply when it comes to things like sexuality.

Well, the Vatican has now formally banned what they call “inappropriate attire” while in the “country.”
“The new decree, particularly targeting those in shorts and shoulder-revealing shirts, sent several tourists trudging off to local stores to buy shawls, scarves, and pairs of trousers.”
Oh no! Shoulder-revealing shirts and shorts! The next thing you know, people while be showing their *gasp* ankles! This could be a generous move for a “country” that is largely a tourist trap. Think about it, they could just set up a store right outside of the gates to the “country” selling clothing approved by the Pontiff himself. Economic stimulation, baby!

It is lovely how a group of people who dress in night gowns are in the business of telling people what is “appropriate attire.” Maybe the Pope should decree that metal clamps be put on the genitalia of the inhabitants of the Vatican to stop them from raping children. Just a thought.

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