Friday, July 23, 2010

Jebus Don't Like No Climate Change

I don’t understand people. They are so willing to do nothing about a subject that would lead to the demise of the entire human race. In a response to a letter written to the Sunday Patriot News on July 18, reader Chris Hicks takes exception to the idea that we can’t ignore the issue of climate change anymore.
Her list of growing natural calamities and the shift of migration patterns of birds is laughable. These alarmists actually believe that we need to help God out because apparently He didn't consider our use of fossils fuels when He created the earth.
The science is not ambiguous: the earth is experiencing climate change and it is manmade. The question that is being considered now is “Can we do anything about it?” I am perfectly willing to have that conversation. What I won’t do is even acknowledge people who make statements like this that show how ignorant they are about a subject.

If there is anything laughable about this situation, it is the grasp on reality of Chris Hicks.

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